Some info on the 24 MP Nikon - from a Sony engineer

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Re: Why wouldn't Nikon want to ADD a 24 mp camera if they could get the sensor?

Some of the folks who add to this forum may find it hard to believe, but Nikon does have hight standards, on there Pro DSLR's. This statement is not a putdown on Sony, but maybe for the market that Nikon is looking for for a 20+ MP camera, the Sony may not meet the needs (ISO, IQ, DR ect)

The fact that it is out there does not mean that it will be used in a camera by Nikon. If you look at the D1-2-3's, they all have had Great IQ but not the best MP. (BTW as I type this, there is an add on the TV for the D90:))

So far all of the resent > $2,000 DSLR from Nikon have had Nikon sensors (Did the D1?, I know the D2, D3, and D700 do) So this Nikon sensor has been a key factor in the IQ of Nikons top of the line. Maybe, just maybe the Sony sensor does not give a "Nikon flagship camera" level???

If you have low standards, you can take a look:

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