Some info on the 24 MP Nikon - from a Sony engineer

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He didn't say they don't want a 24mp camera...

He didn't say they don't want a 24mp camera, he just said they might not want the particular sensor Sony used for A900.

Dan Wells wrote:

The A900 does exactly what the D3 and D700 don't - it provides
extremely high image quality (resolution AND DR) at low ISOs -
conversely, the D3/D700 provide what the A900 doesn't

A decent focusing sensor spread (twice the area of A900 and coverage past the "rule of thirds" points)?


at high ISO.
Nikon's present marketing push is "high ISO matters most".

No. Nikon's marketing push is that "photography matters most".

When they were struggling, they clawed their way back to the top by offering what I see as the most balanced feature set of any camera maker.

Look at the little things Sony got wrong. Although they've copied Nikon's DX crop mode, on the Sony, you just get small corner brackets, and a view of the vignetted APS coverage, instead of a dark frame like Nikon has been using for a couple of years (since D2Xs).

If they
had the A900 sensor in addition, they could say "if you want high ISO
and high speed, here's your camera (D700) - resolution and low-ISO
quality, try this one (D700x), and if you want both, be grateful that
the two of them TOGETHER cost less than a 1Ds III, and outperform it
in every situation between them - take that Canon!". If Nikon had
both cameras, they would have a line with fewer holes than anyone

I think they already do...

and dropping the A900 sensor into the D700 should be trivial -
IF they are allowed to buy the sensor - which lends credence to what
the Sony guy said...

A paragraph that uses "if" six times "lends credence" to something?

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