Some info on the 24 MP Nikon - from a Sony engineer

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erichlund wrote:

If I'm not mistaken, Nikon has always led the design of the sensor
for their high end cameras. Sony's 24MP sensor is a pure Sony
design, so I would not expect Nikon to be interested.

Despite the clamoring, look how long it took for Nikon to go full
frame. Nikon works at Nikon's speed. They will likely introduce a
high megapixel design when they feel it's in their interest to do so.

And, no, they don't HAVE to do anything.

The OP starts with a fallacy that is often repeated in some of these forums but long proven wrong. That Nikon simply buys all their sensors from Sony.

There have been clear statements from Nikon representatives and in the marketing materials that Nikon DESIGNS their own sensors, sure Sony may fab the chips to their spec. but it is a Nikon spec. not a Sony one. Note there is no Sony 12 mp FF with the same spec. as Nikon's D3/D700 design, why ? Because it is a Nikon design not a Sony one.

People have this idea that a CMOS based fabrication facility is as static as the older CCD fabs used to be , this isn't so...a MOSFET fab is far more flexible to retooling for running off different design templates, they don't have to be all designed by the owner of the fab (Sony or who ever else..)

That said, if Nikon has a 24 mp design in the works then I don't see why Sony would deny Nikon a license to run off a desired quantity of the chips. Especially since They'd just extract desired payment for the use of their facilities to do it and move on...more over if Sony says no, Nikon can go to other makers that own big CMOS fabrication facilities.

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