Some info on the 24 MP Nikon - from a Sony engineer

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Extremely interesting, if true

And it can explain why there are no signs of a high MP Nikon model being shipped anytime soon. It think it may perfectly well be true: The loss of sales on this sensor if restricted won't be as damaging as e.g the D300/D90 sensors. With the more demanding audience of the, A900the ill effects of Nikon being able to improve on its performance, which is rather likely, could also be much stronger than with the A700.

It is also plausible that this came from the engineers. They know more about the strengths and weaknesses of the A900, and if they don't want a too close and similar Nikon competitor, it tells a lot, really. For Nikon, this probably forces them to develop the D3 sensor technology further, with more expensive, but probably better, high-MP sensors as the result. So, it may get more difficult to compete with the A900 and the 5DII pricewise, but maybe easier IQ-wise. The first-to-market effect is considerable here, with Sony being very interested in getting pros to buy into their system, if only temporarily: They get themselves established, and they are clearly on their way.

The natural answer from Nikon would be to speed up "D3X" development, and announce the new model(s) far ahead of availability - a bit Leica-style. From this, I would expect an announcement before Christmas, but availability several moths later.

And the MX? Surely, Nikon gets even more motivated to go to places where Sony and Canon are not at the moment. If they are able to upscale the D3 sensor design, they may be able to set standards that are hard to compete against. At least some people at Nikon would like to seize that opportunity, I guess.

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