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Re: are you sure?

Not really up for an argument at the time but will mention one thing, DOF is a MATH problem period. It is not something that varies with respect to camera. What I mean is that acceptable DOF is calculated from a few different variables aperture, distance to the subject, focal length and sensor size being the dominant varaibles. Regardless of whether or not someone has used a specific piece of equipment or not, the calculation won't change. Using the camera daily will not make 4 + 4 = anything other than 8.

Now, I haven't calculated the actual depth of field equivelant from this camera to a full frame camera but Kim's numbers sound pretty close, if you would like I can run the equation and post the results here, this of course presupposes you actually agree that DOF is strictly a math problem. If we can't at least agree on that then it really sort of makes any further discussion on this subject moot.


Also what do you mean by bump the ISO up to the 7 range, you stated that is what you would do to get clarity in this situation, I am unsure what exactly you mean.


H2O Junkie wrote:
Yes I am sure. F16 my @#$. In case you haven't noticed, I use the
camera daily and I can tell you clarity is NOT going to come across
the frame at that low an aperture on this camera. I don't know
whether the individual in question was shooting in fine mode and if
not that may contribute to the problem. Kim, with all due respect,
you REALLY need to use the camera for longer than 30 minutes and with
something other than an axe to grind. You have NO CLUE as to the
idiosyncrasies of the camera. I know you are going to call me an
idiot or whatever, but I promise you, I have used this camera and
have found the issues that I have discussed. Otherwise I wouldn't
bring them up. I can guarantee you anyone who uses this camera on a
daily basis knows more about this than you. All you have is your book
knowledge. Unfortunately real life rarely is covered in books.

Kim Letkeman wrote:

H2O Junkie wrote:

Actually the problem is so simple it is amazing. the first one is not
too bad but the aperture is REALLY low at 4. That is not for a photo
with this much stuff all around. If I wanted clarity I would bump the
ISO up to the 7 range.

Shooting at F4 on this camera is like shooting at F16 on a FF cam.
That's pretty much going to make everything pretty sharp. It's not
like he's close to anything, it's all fairly far away.

The second photo has two problems. First is the same low aperture
issue. The 3 range is definitely too low for this photo. Couple that
with the barrel distortion at maximum wide angle and you have what
looks like poor focus.

The lense looks a little blurry at the edges in both photos. I think
he's got one of those S100fs cams with poor clarity. Plus, he's got
a lot of shadows, and he's seeing some fairly typical NR artifacts at
the edges.

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