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Kim Letkeman
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Re: are you sure?

H2O Junkie wrote:

Yes I am sure. F16 my @#$.

4x crop factor ... DOF is equivalent to 4xF4 == F16 ...

You can swear all you like, but you'd be better off reading up on the issue instead.

In case you haven't noticed, I use the
camera daily and I can tell you clarity is NOT going to come across
the frame at that low an aperture on this camera.

You guys are all so funny ... every retort must be prefaced with "I own" or "I use" ... this makes you all sound rather pretentious, like ownership of the camera is somehow akin to attending an Ivy League school

I don't know
whether the individual in question was shooting in fine mode and if
not that may contribute to the problem.

We (several members of the forum) have debunked the FINE versus NORMAL issue many times ... there aren't enough extra compression artifacts to muck with sharpness. In fact we can't really see any at all. Certainly nothing that wouldn't easily be overwhelmed by all the NR artifacts this camera is known to inject at pretty much all ISOs.

Kim, with all due respect,
you REALLY need to use the camera for longer than 30 minutes and with
something other than an axe to grind. You have NO CLUE as to the
idiosyncrasies of the camera.

I read them on this forum all the time. I see the reviews. I see many, many images. I download and process said images to see what they are made of and what you can do with them.

Idiosyncrasies ... a most interesting word in that context ...

I know you are going to call me an
idiot or whatever, but I promise you, I have used this camera and
have found the issues that I have discussed.

I don't call people idiots. If you require that service, please speak with Dave.

Otherwise I wouldn't bring them up. I can guarantee you anyone who
uses this camera on a daily basis knows more about this than you.

Yes, of course they do. You all post such balanced and objective information. Such as ... "F16 my @ss" ... that nugget comes directly from your extensive experience with the camera, of this I have no doubt.

All you have is your book knowledge. Unfortunately real life rarely is covered
in books.

Hmmm ... the "real life" argument ... another famous owner was recently using this stunningly vacuous argument with Ted. Didn't seem to fly there either.

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