difference between thin filter and regular filter

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Alan from Sunny Isles Beach FL Regular Member • Posts: 474
Re: difference between thin filter and regular filter

shipng wrote:

thank you all....
another question: the sales person told me that a skylight 1B filter
is useless on a digital camera because the auto white balance
function will automatically adjust the little pink from the filter,
is that true??

Its true to some degree...

a) if you are using Auto WB, it will compensate SOMEWHAT for the slight pink hue of the filter (which is used to counteract the blue cast you will get coming off water) but not all of it. The AWB will not affect the filter's true benefit tho - that being reduced glare off water, and the filter will also tame lens flare concerns. That is of a GOOD filter. Cheapo filters don't really do enough to begin with.

b) You shouldn't rely on Auto WB for the most part.


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