Night parade flash tips

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Re: Night parade flash tips

arammc wrote:

The omni bounce can soften light a little bit, but if you point it up
and there is nothing above/behind you to bounce the light off its
wasting most of the light and the effect is minimal.

Yes, that's what I'm trying to work around, without being stuck with direct flash-in-face shots.

For night stuff/ indoor stuff with canon I generally use manual mode
on the camera, set a f stop and shutterspeed and let the flash fill
in automatically with the "ettl" mode. I don't know how well the
streets are lit but f4 iso 800 and about 1/60 might be a good place
to start. You might get some interesting "ghosting" if things are
moving fast and you slow down the shutter more.. Do some test shots
to see how it works and make sure the background light is coming

These streets aren't well lit at all, unfortunately. Last year I was using ISO 1600, f/2 and 1/40, and barely getting proper exposures (without flash). The pictures of the parade I saw in the newspaper looked much better technically than what I got.

Just my 2 cents


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