Photoshop CS4 GPU implementation Survey

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Dan Tong Contributing Member • Posts: 597
Photoshop CS4 GPU implementation Survey

A good deal of what's new in Photoshop CS4 depends on having a powerful and fairly new video card in order to make use of the GPU (Graphics Processor Unit). Some of us have been having problems getting it to work right. Whether this is a problem with the hardware, the driver, or OS compatibility is not clear.

What is clear is that Adobe failed to clearly spell out the rather stringent requirements for the video adapter. When the GPU hardware is fully compatible and is not working quite right, CS4 may really slow down and possibly crash. In order to access preferences so you can disable the GPU, you may need to download special patch from Adobe (I'm talking Windows only at this point) to change some lines in the registry, or you hold down a special key combination (I forget which key) while starting CS4 in order to wipe out the Preferences, and reset it to default.

So this is what I'm asking from those of you who have installed and have been running CS4:

1 What OS are you using? OSX? Win 2000, XP, Vista, 32 or 64 bit?

2 Is the GPU working for you? Did it work immediately or did it require some tweaking?

3 What video card are you using (brand, model, and amount of video RAM, newest driver?

5 If the GPU is not working for you because you have an older, incompatible video card are you planning to get a new one? Or, are you content to use CS4 without the GPU features?

6 Tell us your overall satisfaction/dissatisfaction with CS4 (vs CS3 etc.) Are you glad you upgraded?

Please feel free to add/modify/improve these questions.



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