S100fs blurred photo's help

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Re: S100fs blurred photo's help

Actually the problem is so simple it is amazing. the first one is not too bad but the aperture is REALLY low at 4. That is not for a photo with this much stuff all around. If I wanted clarity I would bump the ISO up to the 7 range.

The second photo has two problems. First is the same low aperture issue. The 3 range is definitely too low for this photo. Couple that with the barrel distortion at maximum wide angle and you have what looks like poor focus.

Fotki was so damn slow this morning I didn't dig in too deep on the settings (manual vs auto vs scene mode, etc). I was happy I got the info I did. My opinion is it is user error, not camera error. I don't know how experienced you are or anything, but that is the direction I would head first.

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