Why 21mp is way better than 12mp

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Re: In wild theory, maybe

motopram wrote:

Just thinking, what ever happened to looking at a shot in it's entirety.

I get the feeling people would prefer to use a camera that was
technically better than a camera that just looked better. I'm not
saying the D700 looks better, just saying people tend to jump right
into pixel peeping and only comment on the finer detail.

This discussion is out of control.

The argument was the 5D2 vs the D3; substituting the 1DS3 (not 1D3), and someone gave examples of 1D3 vs D3, which isn't even relevant. The D3 should automatically have better shot noise, even if the read noise can't match the 1D3 at high ISOs.

Even so, anyone who looks at the D3 and its lower apparent chromatic noise and think that it could be due to the sense really knows very little about how RAW conversion works. Noise happens under color filters; therefore the noise is colored if taken literally in conversion.

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