Canon 5D MarkII vs Canon 50D?

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Re: Joe...Really good point.

Marty4650 wrote:

I feel
that the D300 is an outstanding camera.

Hi Marty:

The D300 "is" a great camera PERIOD and needs no defense. I've seriously considered adding a D300/500 to my current Canon gear (I'm looking at the D300/500 as an "additional" tool and not a replacement ... all of my Canon gear is absolutely perfect to my satisfaction).

The problem I ran into was what I considered to be a ridiculous price for the 500 f/4 VR2 lens. To have a 1.5X body that will AF using an f/8 lens I was more than happy to pay the delta cost for a D300 and associated grip. However, I was not willing to pay for the high cost of the 500mm lens ... so I chose to vote with my wallet.


Joe Kurkjian



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