How do I batch process with D700TOD3 ????

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Re: correction to command line command

DaveEmtb wrote:

For those trying to do this, it seem on a mac that you need to go to
the directory containing the NEF files, and enter: exiftool
-Model="NIKON D3" .NEF

I couldn't get the instructions above to work where the path to the
files is in the command entered.

sorry you're having trouble but I've used exiftool to update the metadata on Photomatix tonemapped images which I imported into Hugin to make a panorama. Photomatix doesn't put in the focal length multiplier (which Hugin needs) when it writes the exif metadata. Note the quotation marks on the directory paths that have spaces on them. The files were on an external firewire drive BTW.


exiftool -overwrite_original_in_place -FocalLengthIn35mmFormat=36 " volumes/firewire/pano/boathouse/dsc_1672 - Version 2And2more_tonemapped.tif" " volumes/firewire/pano/boathouse/dsc_1673 - Version 2And2more_tonemapped.tif"

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