Canon 10-22: Is This Normal??

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Probably - however here's some tips

I'd make the following suggestions,

I would have used a slightly bigger aperture - increasing the shutter speed.

The sweet spot of my lens (& 40D / 50D) I've found to be between F5.6-F8 for sharpness and diffraction.

On such a wide lens the DOF is still way past what you need. Using Hyperfocal calcs @ f5.6 DOF will extend from just under a meter - sorry 1 yard :), out to infinity. This would have enabled you to use a faster shutter speed. Which leads me to ...

A tripod, or a monopod is almost always the way to go. Try this test - at 10mm, focus on an object 20 yards away, then activate Live View (assuming you have this). Then zoom in hold it close, you'll no doubt see movement, when you though you had none, try it again at 22mm, then use a 100mm lens and you'll wonder how you every get a sharp picture!!

Another excellent trick is to use a Gorilla Pod tripod. This uses flexible/stiff sequences of rubber coated ball joints. It fits in your bag, and I now take it everywhere. My trick is to use the legs to brace against my chest and/or around my arm (if no solid object is handy). It has certainly decreased movement blur in many a situation. It does look a little strange though! Google it - they're available lots of places - get the SLR version

Lastly as I don't expect much at the extreme sides, I tend to assume I'll crop the last 5% on either side at 10mm, thus framing/positioning myself to suit.

Hope this helps

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