Nikon 14-24mm f2.8 G: Replacement for the 24 TS-E?

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Re: OK, here is an Example

cbnphoto wrote:

"magnification of the shift"? I think you need to explain what you mean.

Compared to a shift at the image end, which is what you do by cropping and/or tilting the camera forward, a shift of the optical axis is much more efficient. You only need millimetres to get the same effect, because the movement is at the optical centre or close to it, and will be magnified quite a bit, compared to movement at the sensor or image side. Essentially, you have two lines intersecting each other at the optical centre of a lens, creating two similar (don't know the English word) triangles linked to each other. moving the sensor plane or the object plane has much less effect to the FoV than moving the optical centre has.

Give it a try and you will see what I mean.

Well actually, I went out today to do some other lens tests and to
also compare resolution as indicated by my theory.

Perhaps you can use your expert eye and tell me which of the
following two pictures is the result of cropping from a 17-40 image
and which is a full-frame from a TS-E.

The right one is the TS-E. The lines are slightly less converging; actually only the right corner is, while the two other corners are parallel, and the picture shows more detail, even though contrast is slightly less towards the top part of the tower.

I'll post the RAW files once you give me your opinion and explain to
me where the converging lines in the UWA image are (hint: there is
one small difference - the 17-40 has more pronounced barrel
distortion, but rather than being accused of tampering I have not
removed this using the DPP distortion removal facility. All that was
done was to crop from the 17-40 and to reduce the sized of both
images for web display):


But you're wrong in your
assumption that shift is the same as cropping.

As I said - you have two examples. Go for it. I'd be interested to
know why you think I am wrong.

Because cropping is "shifting" at the image side of things, while a proper shift means changing the position of the optical axis.

If that was the case,
we would never have had technical cameras or TS-lenses, just high
resolution film and sensors.

There are two reasons. Firstly the resolution is reduced because of
cropping from a full-frame image. Secondly, and perhaps more
importantly, such a lens allows you to frame it exactly at the time
rather than having to do so later in PP.

Of course, things like the TS-E lenses are pretty limited compared to
a large format lens with a full set of movements. There are plenty of
reasons for such lenses to exist, but if we are talking 35mm and
shift only then it looks like the Nikon 14-24 will bury the 24 TS-E
if using a top-end body (21MP+).

Anyway, I await your reply.


Nice pictures, BTW! I just love these old churches.

The outer corners of the tower, in both pictures, are still converging going from bottom to top. It is not only measurable, but also visible, and IMO clearly visible. The tower on the right hand side has, however only 1 converging line, the corner on the right.

However, I don't find it disturbing.

I think it really depends on what you want to do or prefer.

BTW, you could get a Nikon TS lens instead of a Canon one if you wanted, they also have a 24 now. As a closing note: KR thinks that although the 14-24 is an excellent lens, the 16-35L II / 5D combo is still better than a Nikon D3 (or D700) / 14-24 combo, because the corners of the 16-35 L II on a 5D are still sharper and show more detail than a 14-24's corners on a D3 or D700 :). You may want to do a comparison before committing to either option (14-24, 16-35 LII, TS-E 24, Nikon TS 24). It'll cost you the price of a Nikon-G to EOS adapter, but I think it is worth the price just for finding out.

Kind regards, Wim

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