Here goes my bet / R2

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Here goes my bet / R2


now that A900 is trying to make its way on the market, I hope sincerely that Sony will release the R2.

My bet is on february, first of this wonderful month. And it will be packed with things that will make us jump high in joy and anticipation, more than any other camera has done before (to us, 7.. , 8.. and R1 users).

Why am I so sure about that? No idea, but maybe the brutal financial gaming will have this positive effect on the R2, a machine that simply is not allowed to exist in times of lot of money. The R1 was and is a miracle, but could be understood as a serious hit of Sony within the market, but then would not be developed further because of buying simply part of the market and jumping in with money, not with advantage over the competitors.

Now, this may change. If the gaming on the financial markets persists, Sony will recover inmediately their never ended plans of the R2, and will produce this machine in record time. Very easy to do now, that they have mastered the bigger CMOS sensor more or less. Very easy to do now, that panasonic has a breathtaking success with just the right machine in the right moment. Very easy to do now, that they know that they will have a huge market of people who will not doubt a second to get it.

In change, expensive machines will not make the deal. Sales of machines over 1500 dollars will fall down even more than they have done in the last months.

So, that's my bet. I know, a dreamers bet. I know, 50:1 that I'm totally wrong.

But if there was ever a momento for the R2, than now it is. 22 MP (a bit under the A900), double bionz, cz 18-300mm, LIVE VIEW as never seen, and some of the great features of the A900.

999 dollars.

Yep, that's a bet.

Keep grinning, even if it is a bad grin,


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