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Re: Print driver resizing

bobn2 wrote:

DSPographer wrote:

I don't trust print driver resizing any more than image processing
software resizing. What I do when printing is resize in PSE 3 to the
native printer resolution before printing; so that resized file or
something similar is what I think should be used for reviews. Any
software that does an OK resize that minimizes aliasing at least as
well as PSE 3 bicubic could become the standard.

The point is not what is trusted, but about making a meaningful
comparison as to the probable output quality of different cameras. I
would think whatever driver was selected, it would need to be open
source, so that its properties are understood and open to public
The 'known algorithm resize' is good, too.

Indeed. One might for instance adopt ImageMagick; open source, with an implementation of the standard interpolation filters and user selectable parameters.

On the other hand, "our proprietary testing software" carries a certain cachet and mystique

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