Thinking of jumping over to Nikon

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Re: I switched for these (and other) reasons

I've had 10D-20D-30D since then, no major improovements still the 50D with its 15mp doesn't interest me at all. I was waiting for a better AF system, better viewfinder etc...untill I tried for one month (march 2008) a d300 with a 105 VR. So in september I sold my Canon 70-200 IS f 2,8 & 24-70 L f 2,8 and kept my Tokina 12-24 and Sigma 300 f 2,8 for birding and Landscaping for now...and I bought my Nikon D300 with a Nikor 70-200 VR f 2,8 (what a killer combo !). As soon as I went on the field and shot birds, I noticed this AF of Nikon that is amazing compare to all my Canon that I've had. I'm really impressed also by the Matrix metering, viewfinder, ergonomics and wheathersealing. I've loved it so much that my mind is now set up ! I'm selling all my Canon stuff and will buy Nikon. Nikon fits my needs way better than Canon to the point that I now only carry my D300 and the Nikor 70-200 vr f 2,8 ...and I must admit that it's a joy to use this equipement !

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