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Re: not sure if pixel density but A900

rhlpetrus wrote:

Iliah Borg wrote:

rhlpetrus wrote:

shows noise at base ISO. I had seen it in the image used for RAW
comparisons here at DPr, now confirmed by IR tests as well. The
stutio test shot shows lots of noise at base ISO:


What raw converter you used?

These are in-camera jpegs they posted. I compared it to the in-camera
jpegs posted there from 1DsIII. These are completely clean, as are
the in-camera jpegs from D3.

I do not think it is the right thing to do - to compare OOC jpegs and make a verdict on sensor. In-camera jpeg engine can be improved with firmware updates, by the way. But if you are comparing OOC jpegs in regards to noise, compare resolution too, and not on a black-and-white target.

The DR which is claimed to be good is also the jpeg test from Dpr,

And do you know what are the results of DPR and Seconic tests of OOC jpegs on 5D original? You may be amazed by the difference.

I have A900, and I'm completely satisfied with this camera for my intended use. I would be very happy to have that sensor in D-one-digit body because the lens choice with Sony is quite limited and with the wider choice I would use that camera much more.

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