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Re: not sure if pixel density but A900

Iliah Borg wrote:

rhlpetrus wrote:

shows noise at base ISO. I had seen it in the image used for RAW
comparisons here at DPr, now confirmed by IR tests as well. The
stutio test shot shows lots of noise at base ISO:


What raw converter you used?

These are in-camera jpegs they posted. I compared it to the in-camera jpegs posted there from 1DsIII. These are completely clean, as are the in-camera jpegs from D3.

Check darker areas, lots of noise, bot h chroma and luma. Too bad,
the resolution and DR seem pretty good.

DR is limited by the noise. One can't have good DR and bad noise

The DR which is claimed to be good is also the jpeg test from Dpr, a little above 9stops, but any camera these days provide 9 stops with good conversion. This shows that Sony engineers have designed a nice tone curve for in-camera jpegs.

OTOH, again from DPr's test, D700's default jpeg curve seems awful, even though the sensor is known to be about state-of-art re SNR.

Hope Nikon doesn't use this sensor.


Too harsh a judgement? Maybe a bit too early to tell, but it doesn't look good. If you shoot landscapes and are not into multiple shots HDR merging, you need latitude to keep HLs from clipping and then good lowlights recovery in PP'ing. If noise creeps up already at low ISOs, that will mean recovery won't go well. This is the may strength opf the D3/D700. It's RAW file has very good performance at 3200 ISO or even at 6400 ISO, meaning if you shoot at ISO200 and undexpose to preserve HLs, in PP'ing you'll be able to bring details from dark areas very well.

Check this test comparing A900 with Hassy. At ISO100 (wrong ISO, reduces DR, but also reduces noise a bit), the A900 shows noise in darker areas, check water. These were converted with ACR, NR off, from post.



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