10 second color boost

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10 second color boost

I had started posting a few images from each weekends shoot in this forum.

I want to say thank you to the many emails I have recieved. Thank you very much.

Many have wanted to know what I do to make my images pop. What do I do to make the colors more vibrant. Well I thought I would create this short tutorial for anyone that was interested. I will also include the second thing I always do that takes about 10 more seconds to give that extra pop beside the color boost that I do.

2 techniques.
10 seconds a piece.
20 seconds tops.

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FIRST: Super Simple Color boost.

First we select our image, edit it in RAW if that is what you do, then convert to jpeg or TIFF. For me it's jpeg. Here is our post RAW image sitting in photoshop and ready for further editing.....

SECOND: Open an hue and saturation adjustment window. The drop down should say "Master". Slide the saturation slider to the right. IGNORE the skin tones and just pay attention to all the other colors. We will fix the skin tones in a second. For me I usually end up between 20 and 30 percent. In this case I was happy with 30. Now dont select "OK". leave the window open. We arent done yet.

THIRD: Now in the drop down select "Cyans".

FOURTH: At the bottom of the window there are 3 eyedroppers. Select the one all the way to the left.

FIFTH: Now take that eyedropper and select anywhere on the skin of your subject. Just hold it over the skin and click once with the mouse. When you do, notice that in your adjustment window, those color are chosen as the ones you will manipulate.

SIXTH: Now you simply pull the saturation slider back to the left. Pay attention to your skin tones. Once your skin tones return to a more natural look, stop. For this image I stopped at 13 percent.


That is it for the color boost and you can stop right there if you wish. That process, once you have done this a couple of time, will take you 10 seconds tops.

But I'm not done for this image. I do one more thing to make this image have more pop. It, as well, takes 10 seconds.


FIRST: Grab your lasso tool and trace out your subject leaving a little room. As you can see here, it was a very loose circle.

Now you simply feather that. Right click on the image and choose "feather". I usually feather at about 150 pixels.

Now right click again and choose "invert".

Lastly I pull up a curves adjustment. Simply grab the middle of the line and pull down to the right at 45 degree angle like shown below. Pay attention to your photo until you get the right amount of darkening surrounding your subject.


I'm done. 20 seconds tops. And a much better improvement.

Here is the before.....

And the after.....

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