The Filters We Need With Digital...

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Re: The Filters We Need With Digital...

Most digital cameras have balanced results with magenta to purplish
magenta light

In the RAW data, most incandescents record white or grey objects as
being about equal in red and green, but blue is usually 1.5 to 2
stops weaker. If the sensors were daylight balanced, the red
response would be about a stop stronger than the green, and the blue
1 to 1.5 stops weaker than the green.

That makes sense in that for every camera where I've looked at the raw output of neutral sources in daylight, I find the green response is about one stop greater than the red and the blue falls in between somewhere. If the sensor were truly daylight balanced, the three responses would be pretty similar.

Of course, this doesn't account for what the actual spectral responses are for the filters. But I doubt that such factors would be enough to account for the the differences in the responses of the three channels.

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