Apple Unveils 24-inch LED Cinema Display

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Re: Follow-up

Rif Raf wrote:

What's wrong with the old 15 MBP? Since they are still available for
purchase, I don't understand the concern that people have with the
fact that the new ones have glossy screens, unless of course a
purchase can't be made until the old ones are no longer available.
In other words, why not buy the old version, especially since their
sale price is very attractive?

Nothing is wrong with it (and I do have it, so no need to buy again). The problem is investing/loosing more time in learning OS X applications, spending more money on upgrades and software and peripherals and then make the same move 2 or three years from now... and even that is a stretch, I normally buy a new laptop every year. There is no hope that Apple will move, so I have to move.

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