Nikon P6000 va Canon G10 side by side (imgs) real life

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Nikon P6000 va Canon G10 side by side (imgs) real life

Today Photographyblog has posted sample photos and a video taken with the Canon G10 and the Coolpix P6000, to be downloaded from the next links:

Since most of the images posted were taken almost at the same day and time with a difference of minutes (or seconds) I took a couple of them to compare side by side with the next results.

Go to:

Sample 1

Red square belongs to the 100% crop area

100% Crops

Sample 2

Same as above, area inside the red square belongs to 100 crops%

100% crops

After bashing the Coolpix P6000 image quality, I guess it is not so bad as I thought. What do u think? Canon G10 looks softer and a bit darker, corners are also sharper on the Coolpix.

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