DMC-LX3 has the most amazing sensor I've ever seen!

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Re: Imaging Resource's assessment of the DMC-LX3

ljmac wrote:

I really do think the sensor on this camera is revolutionary, and it
seems the reviews agree with me - I don't understand why nobody else
here can see it.

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That's what they said about the Fuji F10 when dpreview and others were stumbling over themselves to pile on the compliments. I think the phrase "it gives entry level dSLRs a run for their money, let alone other P&S" was thrown around a lot too.

So as soon as i saw it in stock, I bought one. I used it with great anticipation all over England. When I got back home and loaded up the pics on my PC, I was somewhat disappointed. They still looked like heavily processed and artifacted images from a sensor and lens combination that purple fringed and bloomed at the mere mention of the phrase "high contrast edges".

Did it have lower noise than the competition? Absolutely. And the difference between the F10 and its competitors at the time was surely greater than the LX3 vs its competition. But low noise in the case of the F10 came at the expense of other elements of image quality. To my eye, there were many P&S as good or better in overall IQ if you don't solely focus on noise levels at high ISO.

In fact, I would put my Canon A710is up against any Fuji or LX3 any day of the week in terms of maximum IQ. The LX3 may beat it at high ISOs, but it otherwise does nothing special in terms of IQ that my Canon A710 didn't already do 2 years earlier.

That is not to say that it isn't a very good camera overall. It is a very very good P&S in many areas, and its hotshoe is a killer advantage compared to most of its competition. The sensor? Yeah, it's good, and better than most of its competitors, but again, it's hardly revolutionary (okay, maybe it is revolutionary compared to the noisy stuff Panasonic has been peddling before the LX3).

I guess if someone's always been using P&S cameras with heavily noise reduced and processed JPEGs before, and now they get a glimpse of clean JPEG processing and RAW output from the sensor, they are amazed at the improvement. Maybe I'm jaded from using P&S cameras in RAW mode all this time and have gotten used to decent quality pics when the in-camera NR and processing is bypassed... that's the best explanation I can come up with why I'm not blown away from the LX3.

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