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Re: Radiation

Theoretically, every piece of microelectronic kit is vulnerable to radiation energy. The EMP, or Electro-Magnetic Pulse, for instance that follows a nuclear explosion will fry microelectronic circuits unless they've been "hardened", i.e. shielded with a special casing.

However, the energy output of an x-ray machine doesn't even come close to the energy peaks that are needed to mess up your camera or CF cards.

What can be harmful though, are the electromagnetic fields generated by anti-theft devices on shop counters, which is why you shouldn't place your credit cards on these de-magnetizing trays that are used to deactivate the magnetic anti-theft tags. Same principle holds for memory cards, and all other kinds of memory chips, including the ones you'll find in a short-wave world receiver, use to store pre-set radio channels.

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bob V wrote:

I am taking my D7 and all accessories on a plane trip to Maine at
the end of the month. My question is will the xrays at the airport
damage the camera, compactflash cards or anything else? thank you.

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