D700 - Super quick CF door

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D700 - Super quick CF door

This is for those of you who are unhappy with your CF doors on your D700. I guess it applies to D300 as well, but I have never handled one.

I personally was unhappy with how easy it was to pop open the CF door on my camera, when pulling it in and out of a bag, and especially when wearing gloves. I could open the door on my camera with a simple one-finger flick... Sort of annoying. I even got the point of using a little piece of tape to hold the door closed before I went out on a shoot. This didn't last long.

For those that think there CF door is too loose, here are a few simple steps to improving life with your already stellar camera

1. Start with the right tool for the job. A #0 Phillips-head screw driver from Ace Hardware worked perfectly in my case. If you don't have the right tool, don't do it. Screws this tinny need to be "respected." As long as you have a set of hands and the right driver, you are good to go.

2. Place your camera on a solid working surface, preferably on a towel. The towel should "capture" any dropped screws. The CF door should be up and accessable.

3. Open the door, and insert at CF card if one is not already in place. This will keep any dropped screws from falling into your camera body.

4. Remove the two tinny screws holding the silver metal plate attached to the underside of the door, and put them somewhere safe.

5. Remove the silver metal plate.

6. Bend the plate slightly away from you. You will be pushing in the raised screw-hole portion and the opposite raised indent side. Your goal is to get the plate to press harder against the steel pin holding the door in place. Only a very slight bend is needed! You don't need to force it into a completely new shape, you just want a slight curve to the flat portion of the plate. If you don't understand this part of the instructions DO NOT TRY IT.

7. Reassemble everything.

8. Test out opening and closing the CF door. With just a very slight bend it take substantially more force to open/close the door. I now have to at least try to get the door on my camera open, it no long "falls" open as before.

If you do not understand any portion of these instructions, please ask before you try, or do not try at all. This is an extremely simple operation, but if you screw it up... its up to you to come up with a solution for fixing it.

Have fun with your tools!

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