pbase down again

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You're showing a lot of patience.

Weldon Wilson wrote:

More from the pbase forum:

"Slug and Emily are NOT IGNORING the problem. We completely
understand your frustration. Slug is acquiring new hardware to help
alleviate the slowness many of you are experiencing. Until the
hardware is completely installed, he is working to do whatever he can
to reduce the amount of slowness in the interim. We greatly
appreciate the loyalty some of you have displayed during these "slow"
times. All we can do is ask for your continued patience as we work to
make PBase better."

This was in a thread that was 38 pages long. Lots of complaints
about pBase service. I believe that they may lose a lot of loyal
customers if they don't get their act together soon.

You have much more patience with our fellow Pbasers than I do. Those 38 pages are repetitious, with over generalizations and a lot of personal slurs. It can't be a very pleasant place to work at the moment.

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