XTi locks up after taking photo

Started Sep 14, 2007 | Discussions thread
supersteve911 New Member • Posts: 2
Re: CF light

I took my camera back to Ritz Camera today. He and I both were able to get it to lock up with IS engaged and it didnt lock up with IS turned off. He also put the lens on another XTi and shot over 100 shots without it locking up. At this point I returned the lens and got a Canon lens 55-200 with IS, it didnt lock up at the shop but once I got home and started taking pics it did. I took it back to Ritz and retunred the lens and got the Tamron back and that and the body were sent in to Canon for repair so they could try and duplicate what I have been seeing.

I have 3 bars showing for battery charge. This is a camera body issue. I was hoping they would just replace the camera body since I just had it in for the same thing and they replaced the main circuit but they want to see for themselves whats going on. I have been without my camera for a month and now again. Hope this helps.

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