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Re: While I don't like the white background and navigation as much....

Isabel Cutler wrote:

I started using my inactive Flickr account a couple of weeks ago
after I had visited the site several times after I had searched a
subject on Google and been sent a link to a Flickr forum. I got some
good help there.

yep...strength in numbers.

I also have a couple of friends in Australia who use it regularly.

I think discovered the amazing Flickr uploader which I have parked on
my desk. I can use it to VERY QUICKLY transfer a number of pictures
along with their descriptions, change names, tag and organize into
sets - all before even uploading.

I get emailed notices when someone comments on a picture.

all great features.

I can view my images in an almost full-screen black background
slideshow. There are third party applications which you can use to
link to a single image on a black background.

yes...the slideshow rocks.

Everything about Flickr is FAST. It didn't take me long to forget
about griping about the white background and interface annoyances.

And...by the way...the EXIF information tells whether or not flash is
used, unlike pBase which hasn't got that right for a few years!

Am I ticked about pBase? You bet!

'There are no rules for good photographs; there are only good
photographs.' Ansel Adams
http://tech.groups.yahoo.com/group/Digipets/ (not only for pet

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