pbase down again

Started Oct 20, 2008 | Discussions thread
Soenda Senior Member • Posts: 2,457
And Back Down Again...For Repairs?

Service seems to be down again. Couldn't this be interpreted as the process Slug and staff are going through to address the difficulties? The sudden "things get worse before they get better?"

Wasn't hardware added just last winter to try to get past the capacity problem? Things stayed pretty good for me up until the past 24 hours or so. Whatever was done must have turned out to be either faulty or insufficient.

What I see happening of late is that frustrated users let their tempers get away with them. They start making inappropriate, personalized attacks on the Pbase staff, who have little or no recourse as they struggle at their end. It can quickly deteriorate into a very toxic situation.

My concern is that a Microsoft or Yahoo sees vulnerability, then makes an offer Slug decides not to refuse. Then, surprise! We're all on Flickr.

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