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Re: It's now limping back into service

Hi Peter - I have no real disagreement with what you say, although I defend Slug & company less and less these days. I think you're right about the cyclical problems and their approach to solving them - wait until the shoes no longer fit then quickly look for a new pair. That might be tolerable if the service level doesn't decline much, for too long.

The current pervasive problem of slow speed experienced by a lot of users is more serious IMO, it's gone on too long. As I posted in their forum, I haven't experienced the problem, and there are a few other users that have commented along the same lines. However there are many more users that post about slow access speed or lack of access at times, and clearly this is not good at all.

You've been there for 4 years, it's 6 years for me, and we've both lived through good times and not so good. Here's to the good times and I hope they prevail.

Isola Verde wrote:

Doug J wrote:

Slug is a victim of his own success.


You're a loyal defender and a true friend of PBase but by now even
you must be beginning to realise that what actually happens at PBase
is a whole load of inertia.

Every year or 18 months they completely fail to see that their
'success' will require them to provide more storage, bandwidth etc,
and we have to ensure these repeated peiods of appalling service
before they recognise and address the problem each time. Or am I

Thank heavens they've such a proactive and helpful management and
customer service team!

LOL, and it's not even April 1st....


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