Want to buy two L series lens - Lens question

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You may find...

That you don't want ultra-wide when you move to full frame. The 16-35 is a very special lens on full frame, not really a general purpose lens at all. For general purpose photography you'll find that 24mm is plenty wide enough most of the time.

The switch from 1.6 crop to full frame really will affect which lenses you use, and how you use them. So basically get the new body first, then choose lenses for this body based on what you actually use!

I used to use my 17-40 all the time with my 1.6 crop body. I rarely used it on full frame (I also use film bodies). Now with a 1.3 crop body I find that my old Tamron 28-75 gets used more than the 17-40, since 28 on a 1.3 crop is wide enough most of the time for my style of photography.


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