40D, 50D or 5D (Mk 1) from XT

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Re: 40D, 50D or 5D (Mk 1) from XT

I have an XT right now, and will be upgrading to the 50D in the next few months. For me I was considering the 40D vs. the 50D - the 5D was out as I like crop shooting and my EF-S 60 and 17-55 wouldn't work on it.

I've toyed with the 40D before and briefly played with the 50D at Best Buy. Things I've noticed right away vs. my XT:
-Feels much better in my hands. Better size, more rugged.
-6fps is much faster and will be a joy for when I need it
-AF is much faster and more sure
-Live view will be great, especially for some zoom and macro work

-ISO sensitivity: duh! Even with my IS lenses there have been plenty of times an extra stop or two would have been wonderful. I don't like my XT above 400.
-Resolution: I print 13x19s, and having some cropping room will be great

Why not keep the XT and get glass? I think the above improvements I'd get for every shot outweigh the benefit I'd get from occasional use of 70-200 or 100-400 (though they'll be had eventually!). Why not the 40D? I truly think the added resolution will be helpful for me (I'm not getting that 100-400, remember), and in general I'm too much of a technophile for my own good. I just wish the 50D had a movie mode.

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