Epson 3800 and Printing Glossy Photos??

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Re: Epson 3800 and Printing Glossy Photos??

deboss60 wrote:

Hello Everyone! For those of you that already own an Epson 3800
printer what is your opinion on the outcome of the Glossy Photos that
you print?

The 3800, like all other pigment printers that do not use the Gloss Optimizer (Glop), will have some gloss differential (GD). You can see the difference in glossiness between the heavily- and the lightly-inked areas, and also between colours. The extent of this depends on the picture, the paper, and the viewing light.

The following picture from the D700 Samples gallery, when printed, demonstrates the GD quite clearly:

There is a noticeable difference in gloss between the white belt and the red uniform, and between the red uniform and the black pants.

GD is less noticeable on the R1900, even without using Glop. The R1900 ink is more glossy, and more uniform between colours.

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