Best Deal on old 15 MBP?

Started Oct 17, 2008 | Discussions thread
KG2002 Regular Member • Posts: 334
Got a new one for $1899 instead of $2599 in Apple store in Toronto last week

Got a brand new 2.5G one on Oct 15th at Apple sotre in Toronto for $1899 CAD. Our regular price for the same model was $2599.

An interesting thing is that they do not publish or advertise this price. The units are still on display at the regular price but when I asked if there was a discount since the new line up was announced, there was! By the way, the sales guys didn't even know. I happen to ask a manager and she had the prices on a small sheet in her pocket. Sh said the price is valid only until the new units arrive. They would ship the old ones back the same day.

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