New XSI and fall in Illinois

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Re: too overly sharpened

eqqie wrote:

Dan Russell wrote:

I suspected it might be overly sharpened as I have a tendency to do
so. I like my images to be be really sharp and that often leads me
to over do it. If you have time, please tell me what you
specifically see in the image that tells you it is over sharpened.

Similarly, the plants against the water and the trees against the sky look unnatural. I can't tell you exactly what my eye saw, but the instant your photo loaded I thought "over-sharpened". A friend uses the term "crunchy" and I think that's a good word for too much sharpening.

I'm pretty sensitive to it because when I first started PP, I over-sharpened many photos (it's a particularly mean thing to do to someone who's just beginning to age or has even a little acne ;-)). I still have several of them on the wall and every time I walk by that's all I see.

I do like the light and the hues in the trees in this photo.

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