D300 with 1.1 Firmware

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Re: D300 with 1.1 Firmware

newe wrote:

give me the EAXCT steps ypu want me to check and I can

Thanks for the offer. I could wait for the FW to be released but curiosity has gotten the better of me:

1. With SB800 mounted on-camera, toggle the MODE around to GN;

2. Set camera to aperature mode or whatever exposure mode you generally use and focus on something preferrably well-lit;

3. Use the "+" button on the top of the SB800 multi-SELECT wheel to increase the distance up to 8m or so;

4. Let the camera and SB800 time-out to STANDBY mode (SB800 display goes dark);

5. Half press the shutter button on the camera to bring the camera and SB800 out of SLEEP mode….the SB800 should now display the same distance you set in step 3 if the FW 1.10 has addressed the issue; if it displays a dfifferent value (lower) the issue hasn’t been fixed.


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