LR2 - different photos on a print package page?

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Re: LR2 - different photos on a print package page?

I have done the grid approach - works fairly well. I've been trying to sell sets of 5x7 note cards, and you can get 6 on a grid on an 8 x 10 page, save it as a custom template. Then go to the gallery, select 6 images, and when you go to print and click that template, they will be all loaded. On the Mac, if you do a print of the template, then choose to save it as a PDF instead of actually printing it, you will have a nice 'contact' sheet.

Also - check out ImageNest by BlueCubit. A bit pricey but will give you the layout control of a RIP. Haven't tried it but looks VERY interesting.

=Alan R.

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