Anyone have the HP lp2275w?

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Re: Anyone have the HP lp2275w?
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'There's no such thing as the perfect picture, the only thing that's the moment' - Joe Buissink

I too looked high n low for a review of the LP2275W without any luck, so on a hunch about the new pedigree of these monitors, partly based on a rave review of the 24" LP2475W, i bought it.

And I'm glad I did. I cannot stretch to a 'pro' monitor but like all of us wanted something economical but up to the job of editing my wedding photography.

I got it for £290 (delivered) but the CBC Computers (UK) site now shows it at £315 plus delivery so I guess I got a bargain?

Having ditched a 22" Samsung for the HP the LP2275W felt FAR better quality out of the box and has a real profesional feel to it. It sits rock steady on its heavy stand and has couple of USB ports which is handy.

Out of the box the screen is bright and colourful and showed detail in my images that I had not seen before! Although at default settings the screen is realy TOO bright.

I have now calibrated it with my Eye One Display 2 calibration kit and it looks perfect! I have just had a few prints back which were corrected on the new HP setup and they were just about spot on.

HAVING SAID THAT, it did take a bit of setting up properly with a lot of trial and error. I found that from factory settings and calibrated with the Display 2 it was VERY dark? and although the colours held up, the out of the box settings seemed better with the brightness turned down. Not very 'colour critical' i know!

The monitor comes with HP Display software which has an OSD calibration tool. I know correcting a screen 'by eye' is a gray area but it is one of the best 'calibrate by eye' utilities I have seen (and I've used a few befroe giving in to the cost of the Display 2 hardware device). Once finished with the OSD calibration kit it looked AMAZING, even better than out the box. But of course, I wasn't 100% confident on colour accuracy. The OSD calibration utility doesn't create an .icc profile, just some adjusted OSD settings.

SO!!.... I ran the OSD utility, THEN ran the Eye One Display unit and now looks spot on for editing. Still shows amazing detail, nice brightness and accurate colours (backed up by my recent received print proofs).

All in all I'm very happy i took the plunge!

It is likely there are a few guys/girls out there who have been looking for some info on this screen for dedicated photography work with a hardware calibration device so If I can halp anyone out just ask away and I'll do my best to check it out.

Just don't ask me about how it is for gaming coz i never have time to play them!!

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