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Tags versus Keywords

When I say 'tag', I really should have been clearer and said 'keyword'. In my view, keywords are the backbone for maintaining large photo collections. (On the web, of course, tagging means keywording which leads to possible confusion).

The advantage of keywords, of course, is that you can assign multiple words to the same image so you can later find the image in multiple ways. Using folders alone gives you only one path to a picture which you specify in advance. With keywords there are many paths to the image which you access with genuine search tools.

In addition to keywords, most organizers allow other kinds of tags, like star ratings or color labels. I usually assign stars when viewing the images for the first time, with one star basically meaning keeper that i'd be willing to use in a slide show or send someone, two stars something I'd like to print later, three stars being a highlight shot, and 4 stars a portfolio pic. Later, if I want a good pic of Aunt Mary, I search for her by keyword and looking for one star or better.

Keywording is very simple with good tools. Looking at screen full of thumbnails, for example, you can click on and select all of those showing Uncle Bob then assign Uncle Bob from a list of previously used keywords, or create a new keyword. Presto, all assigned. Only takes a few minutes to keyword a fresh batch.

Color labels are very useful, too. I use them while browsing and searching pics to build a small collections for special uses. For example, a few weeks ago I wanted to put some pics together of a niece for a birthday. So spent a few minutes searching and browsing, tagging images with a blue label that I wanted to select. After getting some candidates up, searching for blue labels puts all the candidates on the screen. Edit a bit more, and I'm done.

I happen to use Adobe Lightroom for this, but all of the major software tools provide keywording and tagging, such as ACDSee, Microsoft Expressions, Adobe Bridge, etc. I tried Faststone a while back, but without keywording it just didn't cut it. Maybe that's changed.

Good organization really adds value to your collection of photos.


Alfisti wrote:
it does tag but i don't think it keywords.

Jeff wrote:

Tagging in Faststone must be new. This was a feature missing a while
back when I last gave it a try. It's a very fine image browser,
including Raw, but the main reason I got rid of it was the inability
to keyword. If it's implemented well, then it could serve you well.

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