D300 v. D700 Dynamic Range

Started Oct 16, 2008 | Discussions thread
GaborSch Veteran Member • Posts: 7,203
The minimum to understand

gsmornot wrote:

Other well known testers find similar results.

You mean there are others too, who don't understand it?

We typically say 5 EV is about the limit but really the camera can do better
outside the range. Kind of like MPG numbers I guess

Forget about absolute numbers. There is no accepted definition for what can be regarded as "in the range". One can talk with confidence only about relative DR, i.e. between different ISOs of the same camera or between cameras.

Anyway, the very minimum to understand is, that the DR does not get higher with higher ISOs (except in case of fake ISOs). The next step is to understand, that fake ISOs reduce the DR in the same rate as the ISO increases (this does not have to be that way, but it is so with Nikons).

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