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Re: tamron 28-75mm

Never owned the Canon but I recently bought the Tamron.

I can only speak for my copy. It has better IQ than the copies Photozone tested.

It is very sharp wide open at all focal lengths, incuding 28mm, but does have a problem, under certain conditons, at 75mm. It does not focus accurately at the long end, from medium distances to infinity. At first I thought it was just soft at 75mm f2.8 but after a great deal of devising tests to isolate the problem, I am sure it is misfocussing. I recently put it on a tripod and AF'd on a church steeple about a mile away, then took the same shot, using Liveview to manually focus a second shot. Both on a 40D, both with very high shutter speeds. The second shot was clearly better and actually very sharp.

btw... the focussing issue is completely masked by stopping down to f4 which led me to think it was just soft at the long end.

It doesnt hunt at all... in the short 3 weeks I have had it, under all kinds of lighting, it hasn't hunted once.

Assuming the problem can be fixed without messing up the already first rate IQ, this lens is going to be very very hard to beat at any price.

I am going to send it for calibration in a month or so, once it gets colder and I am less apt to be shooting.
I may be, and probably am, completely wrong.

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