From D80 to D90 Experience with the 1st 1000 pics

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From D80 to D90 Experience with the 1st 1000 pics

I have seen a lot of posts about what kind of camera the D90 is
should people switch or wait? Here's my unscientific non technical
opinion for anyone who is interested.

I have owned a D80 since it was first available, I have had great fun
with it and taken 10's of thousands of pics with it. I bought the D90
when it was first released. Why? Not because I was unhappy with
the D80 but because I like new technology and I can afford to upgrade.
(Lucky me). What I have noticed after about 1 month and approximately 1000
images is this.

The D90 is very familiar coming from the D80. It handles and feels familiar but

seems to me to be faster in most of what it does. The screen is a significant upgrade as all have remarked.
The menus are complex and the feature set enhanced but you

can avoid the menus by learning the various button/wheel combinations. After a month I still have not read the manual completely I am having to much fun taking pictures.

Live view: I missed greatly the articulated screen of my older coolpix 5700 & 8800 cameras. Live view allows me to not have to put my eye up to frame and I find I am using it to advantage for quick and unobtrusive shots. I still would like to the screen to flip up and out, but who knows perhaps the D9X will have this down the road. The live view is a bit slow to focus but acceptable in the ltd times that I don't want to use the view finder.

The video: I am still getting the hang of this but again I have had

several instances where a short video clip with sound of an Elk calling for it's mate captured more than the frozen image. The video simply opens up some possibilities that you did not have before. I do find the focusing a challenge

but simply need more practice. This feature will get better over time in future cameras but I rather not wait 1-2 years and miss opportunities.

The images and metering I believe are slightly

improved over my D80 (my opinion) I believe I am getting more correct exposures and am having to do less post processing to get the image that I want. I used exposure compensation a lot on my D80 and I still use some

with my D90 but again I seem to be getting the exposures and colors that I like with less tweaking.

I believe that digital photography is a 75/25 art. 75% Seeing and capturing the image with the camera and 25% improving the image to you own taste by cropping and various subtle corrections.

Again this is just me everyone is different. I really like the D90 sensor (CMOS) and I find skin tones and colors a bit more pleasing (to my eye) .
High ISO: with the D90 seems better than the D80. I have not done a
lot of comparisions on high ISO but what I have seen so far I like..

I have galleries up on PBASE with many samples of the D80 and over 100 images with the New D90. Nikon seems to release their cameras in time for the Canadian fall so a lot of the images have color. Feel free to have a look and see for yourselves.

If your happy and taking great pics with your D80 continue to enjoy it and take more until the time is right for you to change. If you take the plunge with the D90 I seriously doubt you will be disappointed with it.

If this helps you in any way let me know

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