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Re: Different Medium - Different Problems - Salgado translation

Reporter: you are known for working exclusively with b&w...

Salgado: you want me to reveal something? I have started to work with digital methods.

Reporter: Pardon me?

Salgado: The quality of film has fallen markedly. In the past b&w films had a high silver content. But silver is expensive. 20 years ago the quality of a 35mm negative was better than a middle format negative today, which is 3.5 times as large. You can tell from the old prints.

Reporter: How has that changed your work?

Salgado: Surprisingly, nothing has really changed. I make contact sheets as I used to do with film, and take a loupe to select the photos. Then I make prints in 13 x 18 format, with the only difference that the basis for this is a physical, instead of a chemical process.

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the interview was probably in french or portuguese, the article in german, and now you have the english translation. something may have gotten lost from the master's message... it will be interesting to see if one can tell any difference in his output.

I suspect he uses a Leica M8.

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