Exposure proof - please (img)

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Re: Thanks

I was in fact referring to the printed image looking darker than the
digital image on my monitor - it's hard to take a picture of the
printed image and display the comparison online. It's one of those
things that just needs to be seen in person, I guess.

You don't have to scan or shoot printed image, you just have to change original one's exposure or levels to make it comparable to printed one on your monitor. Take an attention what light is in the room.

I understand that in order to fix the problem I can simply boost the
exposure by 0.5EV before sending it in for a print - but then color
channels start to clip, the highlights clip, etc., and it wasn't as I
intended to display the image. There's got to be a way within
Lightroom to use ICC profiles (which I have), but I just don't know
how to do it. More research...

You didn't answered, how did you calibrated your monitor?

When I print images on my printer or in lab, prints looks the same, just sometimes slightly darker, but not by 1/2EV (except for colors on my printer, since I didn't created paper profiles for my printer). Monitor has just higher brightness than paper and light around and to check a print I have to look at it with 150-200W lamp.

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