"Chasseur d'Images" does hands-on preview of pre-production 5dII

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"Chasseur d'Images" does hands-on preview of pre-production 5dII

Other than the usual handling and feature info, they measured some image quality parameters, taking care to say that it's a pre-production body. However, they were mightily impressed with the image quality and call the 5DII the "best and most versatile 'image maker' to date" (CI #308, page 138, upper middle column).

They also say that the noise/resolution couple is the best they got so far from any DSLR (I'm assuming they aren't talking about MF digital, only 35 mm and smaller chips).

CI does reproach a few shortcomings, among them the less solid build when compared to similar priced competitors or the modest AF module.


Good view finder (measured 97.5% coverage)
Accurate central AF point
Stable exposure
Exceptional (their words) sensor
Exceptional (again, their words) high ISO rendering
Exceptional (yes, their words...) image quality
Highlight mode is very effective
Large high-definition rear screen
DOF preview active during Live View and good zoom mode
Effective weatherproofing
Very accurate Live View AF, even if slow
Stereo Full HD video
Lightweight and easy to use


Viewfinder data hard to read in some situations
Narrow AF zone ineffective with small moving subjects
No pop-up flash for last-resort fill in and remote flash triggering
Modest RAW buffer
Lens mount screwed into plastic mirror chamber
1/200 flash sync speed (they like the 150000 shutter life)

No continuous AF during video (they complain about Canon's and Nikon's misleading claims about this)
French price (apparently, it's 400 euros higher than in Germany or Belgium)
DOF preview button placement

They're likely to publish the full test using a production body next month. I'll post an update in this thread if someone else doesn't beat me to it.

On a personal note, the 5DII looks more and more like the camera for me. Its weaker points aren't relevant for my subjects, and I seem to have gotten what I wanted most: high IQ, accurate AF (contrast), realistic price, reasonable weight.

This is it, boys and girls

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