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Re: tamron 28-75mm

Cesare Ferrari wrote:

It's basically optically very good, sharpest at it's long end. I've
used one since my D30, and it's still going strong with my 1DII. I
could get a canon 24-70, but every time I try one I realise that i'm
not really gaining anything optically, and that i'm not really
limited by the Tamron.

I have owned the 24-70L since Dec. 2002 when it came out. I love the lens--but its big, heavy, obtrusive. I bought the Tamron 28-75 last Spring. I admit I use it 90% of the time. Today I was selecting lenses for a day trip to the NC mts and pulled out the 24-70L. Then I went back and got the Tammy--there is so little difference in IQ (at some FL the Tammy is sharper corner to corner) and the L 'may' be a bit more contrasty--but I shoot RAW--so its moot. The L AF faster in low light--and its build is 'slighter' (though for may circumstances this is better), but I can't tell the difference in my processed RAW shots. If I'm going to shoot low light I generally carry a fast prime anyhow--but the TAmmy will AF--just slower.

So yes, a good buy. I also use one on my Eos 3 and it works very
nicely full frame. I'd say for the money, and the fact that the
Tamron guarantee is very good (7 years if I remember correctly) you
can't go wrong with it.

I agree.

Diane B

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