tamron 28-75mm

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RalphDurst Regular Member • Posts: 358
when new

it's a very good lens, sharp at large apertures, doesn't vignette too much. However, as it gets used, the plastic build suffers a bit, at least on my copy, the background blur got uneven, and even the sharpness of the subject was sometimes not as good as I remembered when I bought it.

I take care of my gear, I didn't bang that lens around a lot... I just used it for 2 years.
AF can be tricky at 28mm, I remember it front-focused often at wideangle.

The rubber band on the zoom ring get loose quite fast, and it can't be cured... unless you use double sided tape (funny but true).

It's very light, I miss that on my 24-70. But shooting at 24mm is nice so I accept the compromise.

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