Please help a new 50D owner

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Re: without being insulting

i know exactly what you mean. when i moved from a P&S to a dSLR, i was actually wondering what the hell i spent my money on. even saying that my P&S can take better pictures. then i just started to learn it, use it. now i understand what i spent my money on, and its control. no P&S could ever do what a dSLR can do.

for example, in lighting that requires a shutter speed of 1/8 of a second for a point and shoot, a dslr can take at 1/40 without a problem. this is from my experience of course, and im not generalizing to all.

to the OP: dSLR's are very different to P&S. the same settings translate differently.

my advice, like what others here have said, get to learn the camera. eventually, it becomes your b*tch and does exactly what you want it to do. most of the time anyway. hehe.


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